A trip down memory lane through Reiwa to Edo

Cultural experiences of the "Unsurpassable Oigawa"

Embark on an amazing journey through tea fields spread across the Makinohara Plateau,
feel the embrace of Oigawa nourished by the Southern Alps.
Experience the unique culture and traditions that can only be found here!

3 Days 2 Nights Trip5 Days 4 Nights Trip

Savor the Charms of Oigawa

Explore the essence of traditional Japanese spirit.
Start an adventure through the rich history of Shimada City,
from Kawagoe history to contemporary tea culture.

River Crossing Cultural Experience

Navigate through the historical changes of Oigawa, experience the traditional Kawagoe culture. On this trip, you can learn the importance of rivers to history and feel the nostalgic charm of old Japan. Drift with the flows of Oigawa, while pondering the past.

Kimono Experience

Immerse yourself in old Japan by donning a beautiful kimono. Learning the history of Horai Bridge, you can explore the charms of Japan’s heritage sites and cultural traditions better. Capture the memories by taking photos, and make it a special day.

Green Tea Experience

Visit KADODE OOIGAWA and explore the manufacturing process of green tea. In here, you will get to know more about the tea processing techniques and quality of green tea which is passionately cultivated by local farmers. Additionally, you can savor the taste of tea made from fresh tea leaves during the tasting session.

The Blessings of Oigawa and Japan's Original Landscape

A Gift from the Southern Alps
Beautiful tea plantations of Oigawa and Makinohara Plateau

Shimada City, located nearly in the center of Japan, has been nourished over the years by the blessings of the ‘Oigawa,’ originating from the Southern Alps. The Makinohara Plateau, located in the southern part of the city, has beautiful tea fields that can be considered as Japan’s original landscape. The presence of the Oigawa, dividing the city from east to west, has given rise to its unique traditions and culture. Furthermore, the Oigawa Railway’s steam locomotive (SL) running along the Oigawa and the ‘Horai Bridge’ the world’s longest wooden pedestrian bridge, adds more color to the scenery.

During the Edo period, Oigawa was been considered as the most challenging obstacle on the Tokaido highway, to the extent that it’s often sung about as ‘Oigawa, which cannot be surpassed even by horses, unlike the eight miles of Hakone.’ Crossing the river was a considerable hardship, especially since the shogunate prohibited the construction of bridges and ferry services. Hence, Oigawa has been known as the ‘most formidable obstacle on the Tokaido.’

Transition from a Difficult Passage to a Tea-Producing Area

The Struggles of Crossing the Oigawa and Transition to Tea Garden Cultivation

People who couldn’t cross the river had to stay at the riverside for about one to two weeks, thus, a large number of travelers to and from Tokaido were stranded here, leading to the prosperity of Shimada as a port town. In celebration of safely crossing the Oigawa, it’s said that sake was sometimes shared along the riverside.

Subsequently, after a significant historical transition, the construction of the ‘Horai Bridge’ over the Oigawa was permitted. Simultaneously, as a place of employment for the river porters who lost their jobs due to the bridge, tea cultivation on the Makinohara Plateau was promoted. This region then evolved into one of Japan’s representative tea-producing areas.

Journey along the Oigawa
Numerous Exciting Experiences

Come into contact with the traditions of old Japan and find inner peace in the bountiful nature.
A journey transcending time in a kimono,
brings you the tranquility enveloped in the serenity of tea fields and the breath of history.
Forget about the daily routine, introducing yourself a moment of fulfillment in journey.

Steam Locomotive

Japanese Tea Tasting Comparison Experience

Premium Bottled Tea Tasting Experience

Pottery "Shitoro Ware"

Japanese Confectionery Making Experience

Wearing "Kimono"

Japanese Hairstyle

Weaving "Sakiori"

The Blessings of the Oigawa
Exploration of exquisite cuisine

Alongside the murmurs of the Oigawa, indulge in blissful moments savoring historical Soba and Tororo rice loved by samurai.
Furthermore, the great taste of local ingredients in Kaiseki cuisine and the comfort of hot springs will relieve and relax your journey. A memorable culinary story woven in the midst of nature.

- Soba Gen -
A historical journey of soba

In this soba restaurant that has been continued since the Edo period, you can savor soba made in a traditional way. Feel the coziness throughout the wooden interior and enjoy the taste that resonates with history, appreciating the depth of Japanese culinary culture.
(all trip plans included)

- Tororoya TOTORO -
Tororo "grated yam" rice loved by a great general.

In this restaurant that offering Tororo rice loved by Tokugawa Ieyasu, you can enjoy simple yet flavorful dishes. This healthy culinary experience becomes even more special when enjoyed while reminiscing about history.
(all trip plans included)

- Uoichi -
Local ingredient Kaiseki presentation

In this restaurant that offering traditional Kaiseki cuisine using fresh local ingredients, you can enjoy different seasonal flavors. Experience the essence of Japanese cuisine with heartwarming hospitality.
(3 days 2 nights trip)

- Kawane Onsen Hotel -
Leisure time of healing spring and palate-pleasing flavors

In the hot springs embraced by the lush nature of Oigawa, you can enjoy a blissful moment. After savoring the local seasonal flavors, immerse yourself in warm water, enveloped in gentle tranquility. We deliver an exceptional relaxation experience.
( 5 days 4 nights trip)

Companions of the Oigawa Journey
Introduction of Cooperation Partners

We would like to introduce the cooperation partners who support our journey and make the experience more colourful.
Behind this wonderful cultural journey are heartwarming local companies and organizations.
Their passion and hospitality will surely make the Oigawa journey unforgettable.

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