5 days 4 nights Trip

Explore the Charm of Oigawa!

Experience the nostalgic train journey, the greenery of tea plantations,
and the healing hot springs during the 5 days 4 nights”Oigawa Trip.”
We Invite you to an extraordinary experience where the breath of history and modern sophistication intersect.


Begin the journey by experiencing the nature and traditions of Oigawa.

The day starts from Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport, kicks off with a refined urban experience around Shizuoka Station.

Arrival at Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport marks the beginning of a new adventure. From here, your journey to touch the deep culture of Japan begins.

Shopping and dining around Shizuoka Station

Shopping in the commercial districts around Shizuoka Station is an excellent opportunity to explore local specialties and traditional crafts. Moreover, you can enjoy gourmet delights in Shizuoka, experiencing the richness of Japanese culinary culture.

Hotels around Shizuoka Station

In the hotels around Shizuoka Station, where the convenience of the city and a calm atmosphere intersect, you can experience a comfortable stay. It is sure to be a stay where you can feel the hospitality of Japan.


Stroll in Kimono on the Historical Path
A day to experience the Oigawa of the Edo period.

The day feels like a journey going backwards in time. Immerse yourself in the landscapes and culture of Oigawa, where you can feel the breath of the Edo period, An experience which feels like flipping through the pages of history.

1. Departure from Shizuoka Station

In the morning, depart from Shizuoka Station and head towards Oigawa. Prepare your heart while reflecting on the abundant nature and history of this region.

2. River Crossing Cultural Experience

Oigawa makes a significant contribution to the local culture. Through the Kawagoe cultural experience, taste the adventurous spirit of the past.

3. Enjoy Edo Period Soba for Lunch

For lunch, indulge in traditional soba that has been passed down since the Edo period. Experience the taste loved by travelers of that time with your modern palate.

4. Wearing "Kimono" Experience

Dress in a kimono, wrap yourself in the attire of the Edo period, and experience its charm. Capture a timeless photo transcending eras in front of Horai Bridge.

5. Visit the The former Sakurai residence

Experience what the river stoppers of the Edo period were like. Explore a dimension where you immerse yourself in the lifestyle and culture of that time.

6. Dimensional Space Experience

A special space where the fusion of traditional charm and imaginative contemporary art can be enjoyed. You will surely be enveloped in a mysterious sensation.

7. Premium Tea & Local Sake Experience

Immerse yourself in the mellow taste of Japanese tea and sake. More than just indulging, it also allows you to feel the history and culture of Japan.

8. Edo Period Samurai Residence

Accommodation in an overwhelmingly scaled inn reminiscent of an Edo period samurai residence. It embodies the beauty of traditional Japanese architecture down to the smallest detail.


Chronicles of Time on the Oigawa
Exploring the rhythm of steam and the invitation of hot springs

Riding on the wheels of Oigawa’s history, surrendering yourself to the rhythm of the steam locomotive. And experience modern sophistication embraced by the Kawane Onsen. On the third day of the journey, enchanting experiences await everyone.

1. Visit to Tea Museum, Shizuoka

Learn how Japanese tea culture has evolved. Through comparisons with teas from around the world, you’ll rediscover the unique charm of Japanese tea.

2. Tororo Rice Lunch

Indulge in tororo rice, a healthy dish said to be loved by the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. This simple yet flavorful dish represents the essence of Japanese food culture.

3. Steam Train Riding Experience

In the afternoon, board the steam train of the Oigawa Railway. This “moving museum” invites us to a journey towards the past, creating a travel atmosphere that transcends time.

4. Kawane Onsen Hotel

Conclude the day with an overnight stay at the Kawane Onsen Hotel. Let’s relieve the fatigue of journey with the gentle embrace of the hot springs and delicious dishes made with local ingredients.


From the Green Tea Village to the Glamourous Tokyo
Scenery from Oigawa to Ginza

The fourth day of the journey transitions from the idyllic scenery of Oigawa to the glamorous cityscape of Tokyo. The transformation from rural landscapes to the refined streets of Ginza will allow you to fully experience the diversity and charm of Japan.

1. Green Tea Experience at KADODE OOIGAWA

Get involved in the manufacturing process of green tea, learn about the quality of tea leaves and tea production techniques. Additionally, enjoy tasting freshly brewed tea made from fresh tea leaves.

2. Free Time in Ginza

In the afternoon, you are free to explore the upscale shopping district of Ginza in Tokyo. You will be able to fully experience the charm of urban life in Tokyo.

3. Elegant Moments at a Tokyo Hotel

The conclusion of the journey is an overnight stay at a hotel in the central part of Tokyo. The dinner options, with a variety of gourmet choices, will make the night in Tokyo even more special.


Finale of the Journey
From the morning in Tokyo to the moment of return

In the early morning of the fifth day, as the city of Tokyo slowly awakens, the finale of the journey quietly begins.

Morning Stroll and Free Time

Exploring the early morning in Tokyo is also a good option. Walking through the quiet streets, you can feel the charm of the city awakening with the sunrise.

Choosing Souvenirs and Preparing for the Return

Allocate some time for selecting souvenirs to capture memories of Japan. While engraving the experiences of the journey in your heart, the end of the trip quietly comes.

The Return

Heading towards the airport, the curtain falls on your journey in Japan. The views from the airplane window are sure to evoke the lingering memories of the trip.

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